A Major New Project

I’d like you or the amazing people you work with to be in my new ebook.

Those that track these things might remember 99 Cows, an ebook I did that reached more than 100,000 people in about two weeks. The feedback from the 99 organizations included was amazing–they got a big blip from being mentioned.

Well, this May, in conjunction with my new hardcover book, I’m publishing BULLMARKET 2004 :: COMPANIES THAT CAN HELP YOU MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. This is going to be the first ever (I think) directory of the people and organizations that can help you make a Purple Cow.

This ebook will include copywriters, brainstormers, newsletters, graphic designers, namers, logo designers, printers, jingle writers, freelancers of unusual avocations… you get the idea. It’s a place companies and organizations can use to find people who will help them be remarkable.

But the book won’t work without great people in it!

Readers of my blog get first chance to be nominated (inclusion in the book is free, of course). Just go to BULLMARKET 2004 :: COMPANIES THAT CAN HELP YOU MAKE THINGS HAPPEN to find out more about how you or your suppliers can be included.

Feel free to post this link and to tell your friends. The more complete the book is, the more likely people are to use it (and to find you!)

Please don’t email me about this. Really!

Thanks. And good luck. (and a special thanks to Heath at Fast Company for helping promote this.)

NOTE! If you get an error when filling out your form, please don’t hate me. There may be some sort of database glitch when we interface with your browser. Most people are getting through, but if for some reason you don’t, please come back to the page in a day or so… we’re working on it! Thanks.