Another seminar in my office

The last two in January were terrific, so, by popular demand, I’m announcing a new seminar for March 25th.

If you send an email to (with the word PRACTICAL as the subject line) I’ll be delighted to point you to my seminar-only blog which will give you all the details.

The seminar lasts about 6 and a half hours and is designed to take you (and others from your company or organization) through a process that leads to lasting change… and gets you to the point where you can solve your own problems. The focus is on ideas, idea diffusion, brands, marketing, persuasion and web design. Mostly it’s about how to turn your group into a Purple Cow.

There’s a 100% money back guarantee, but no one has ever asked for a refund.

The fee is $1,000, which includes you and a colleague. Bring your boss too if you can. Space is really very limited, so I’m unable to grant discounts. If you paid for the last seminar but were snowed out, you get to come to this one for free!