The Tandoori Free Prize

Mark Hurst writes,


i thought of another Free Prize for you:

on the corner of 1st avenue and sixth street, there are these two indian
restaurants that are mirror images of one another – both are atop the
same steps up from the street; both have the exact same (ridiculous)
red-pepper-christmas-light decorations. one is to the left of the stairs,
one to the right.

the Free Prize is, when you walk up the stairs, two guys burst out of the
restaurant doors and loudly try to coax you, as you walk up the stairs,
to go into their restaurant. whichever one you *don’t* choose gives you a
really dispirited look. quite entertaining.

food is good (and the same) in either restaurant.

thought of this last night as ali and i went to dinner..


Dinner and a show!

Remind me to tell you about Calvin Trillin’s Chinatown Dancing Chicken one day.

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