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My new book ( Free Prize Inside) officially publishes on Tuesday. For a variety of reasons, I’m willing to trade a bunch of cool stuff to people who buy a bunch of books right out of the starting gate.

Here’s the deal: If you buy X copies of the book (where X is a number you see below) at a retailer (online or offline, I don’t care) between today and May 12th, you get the prize listed below. While supplies last, of course!

No, I’m afraid that if you already bought books, they don’t count toward the total. You have to buy books starting now and ending then. No exceptions.

To collect your prize, all you need to do is email me a copy of your receipt, or fax me a copy if you buy it in a real store instead of online. Make sure your subject line includes the word in quotes after each prize so my filter will put it in the right place. My fax is 914 206 3586. Be sure your fax includes your email address! (email your entries to sethgodin@yahoo.com).

The prize list below is not cumulative. Meaning that if you buy 100 books, you only get the 100 book prize or two 50 prizes, but not the 10, 20, 50 AND 100 prize. That makes sense, right?

Anyway, here you go:

If you buy enough copies between now and May 12th, you’re qualified for:

1 BOOK A free ebook that used to cost money and was a #1 bestseller. (this works on the honor system. Just visit ( Free Prize Inside) and there it is. No need to send me a receipt.

8 BOOKS A free audioconference. You can have as many people listening in on a speakerphone as you want. One line per prizewinner. The date? June 8th, 2 pm Eastern Time. It’ll last for 45 minutes and I’ll present my riffs on the new book and on Purple Cow. (subject line “audio graft”)

32 BOOKS One seat at a free seminar in my office outside of New York City. The date? June 14th. We start about 10 am and go to about 4. I promise you’ll have a great time. Even includes a free lunch. (subject line “session graft”). You can find all the details here: Seminars


41 BOOKS One of the long lost Purple Cow in a milk carton things. (subject line “skin graft”)


49 BOOKS A crystal engraved Purple Cow tzatchke desk ornament/hood ornament/holiday gift. These are actually pretty cool. See the photo if you don’t believe me. I only have 12 to give away, first come first served. (subject line “crystal graft”)

75 BOOKS A free (private) phone edgecrafting session (which I don’t often do, but in a moment of weakness, decided to try). You and your team get an hour with me on the phone, at a mutually agreeable time, to talk about your company, your site, your mission, whatever. (subject line “phone graft”)

Hey, if you buy 2,000 copies, I’ll even give you a ride in my Prius.

No refunds. Void where prohibited. Deadline for submitting receipts: May 20. Your mileage may vary.

Price War!

Sorry to be flogging my book so much (I promise to stop in a day or so) but B&N has just started a price war with Amazon. Members pay $13.26.

Barnes & Noble.com – Free Prize Inside: The Next Big Marketing Idea

Now shipping

Amazon and 800 CEO READ have both jumped the gun and started shipping Seth Godin :: Free Prize Inside.

Amazon has a very aggressive price. 800 CEO READ is even cheaper if you buy 6 at a time. Your local bookstore might be inclined to give you a discount if you let them know your options and are willing to buy a bunch for all your friends.

No promises, by the way, on how long the cereal box will last. As I write this, both Amazon and CEO READ have at least 1,000 left.

The “final” Free Prize

Cemetery offers coffin with panic button

A cemetery in Santiago, Chile is offering its clients coffins with a sensor that detects any movement inside them after they have been buried.

According to the Camino a Canaan cemetery the sensor attached to the coffin is to avoid anyone being buried alive.

Spokesperson for the cemetery told La Cuarta: “We want to be pioneers and avoid catalepsy cases, in which a person gets completely paralysed for a few hours and ends up buried as if they were dead.

“We want families to rest assured that if a case like this ever happens their loved ones will be immediately rescued.”

Thanks to BusinessPundit

what happens when storage is free?

gmail is based on a model that says storing your mail will cost them basically zero.

What else changes when that happens?

stock.xchng has more than 80,000 photos and more than a quarter million visitors a month. This is the perfect place to get great photos for the powerpoint presentations you’re doing that have no bullet points.

Is there a business model here? I don’t know. Does it matter?

Free Prize Inside

Mark Brady had this to say…

…where do you start with this book? It’s short, eminently readable, and counter-intuitive. I put Empahasis there for a reason. In today’s evironment, intuitive, yet slingshot simple powerful ideas that survive and flourish are deemed counter-intuitive. Silly. Luckily, much of what Free Prize covers and teaches is how to overcome conventional wisdom and follow your intuition: How to harvest, manage, and leverage your briliant idea and it’s hope. If the word “resourceful” floats your admiration, this book is for you.

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Free Prize Inside

[the] Jason Murphy Show reviews Free Prize Inside

…Once Seth has established the importance of a Free Prize he then describes how to Sell The Idea, or present it, to the company. This isn’t just your boss or the suits in the boardroom. This includes your whole company. Your boss, your peers, your reports, your department, your other department, the marketing team, the frontline…everybody. He has a long list of example Tactics that he gives to help you do just that. In my opinion, this is the strongest and most helpful chapter of the book. Everything from the Really Bad Powerpoint to the Painting a Portrait. Seth knocks out a lot of myths about idea presentations and hones in an the most overlooked and underestimated tactics of getting your point across in an effective manner. The book is worth the purchase price for this chapter alone.

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Meditating on the free prize…

Sometime later today, visit What’s Your Brand Mantra? to read the latest riffs on my around-the-blog tour for Free Prize. It continues for another week or so.

The clowns respond!

My recent Fast Company column about clowns brought this response. I like the shoes part best:

Seth, I feel I must set the record straight about clowns and clowning because
I do not feel that you truly get what clowns are all about. As a professional
clown for 18 years and as a business person I feel that your analogy is far
from accurate. Here’s why:
1. I beleive that being called a clown is a great compliment no matter what
your line of work! It means that you have a sense of humor and aren’t afraid
to share it. Your derisive definition of a clown offends what I am and what I
do. I hear your definiton as meaning dumb, ignorant, stupid, etc…
Clowns are far from stupid. It takes great intellect to see the humor in all
situations, good and bad. And I have medical benefits!
2. Clowns are based on us, but not neccessarily about just what’s wrong with
human nature, we also like to show what is right about it. We point out what
may seem obvious. Some people can’t see the forest for the trees. We show
them the trees.
3. Clowns do not ignore science. We use many of the basic principles of
science. For example: in juggling we use the principle of what goes up, must
come down. We also embody the principle that gravity does work! There is
no “magic” that can fit 16 clowns in a car, it’s science, spacial relations!
We use cetrifugal and centripital forces, inertia, roatation, revolution,
momentum and many other great scientific principles and theories!
4. Clowns do not argue with gravity, it is all too real! it challenges us,
sure, but it always wins.
5. Kodak shouldn’t be called clowns, they should plain and simply be called
blind business people with poor leadership.
6. Clown measure their results by audience reaction. Did it make an impact?
Did they get what I was tryoing to say? We are philosophers and commentators
on the way we all live our lives.
7. Clowns are reality!
8. Clowns plan ahead! We spend hundreds of hours practicing and perfecting
our craft for the amusement of others. I personally have spent 18 years
studying and perfecting my craft and thousands of dollars. That takes careful
9. For the sake of the squirrel I’d like to mention that if they don’t plan
ahead, then what is the purpose of storing nuts for the winter if not a
10. I believe that most humans don’t plan ahead and blindly stumble thru life
looking for a hand-out.
11. Clowns overreact to prove a point. (Remember the trees, some need a good
whack over the head with a our number three point may be the only one I agree
12. If clowns aren’t nice to each other, then waht does that say about
humanity? we are after all only mirrors of the human condition. the stooges
are just down right stupid. Stan and Ollie are a better example, they are
natural comics, they don’t try to be funny, they are just unaware of their
plight, now THAT’S funny!

Some of the best working environments I have had were working with other real
clowns. We are a team, we care about each other and work together to reach a
common goal: laughter. That sure beats any other business goal I can think of.

I think issuing red noses is a great idea! it would lighten things up and
maybe people would stop ripping ewach other appart. In stead of not being
like clowns, maybe more people should be! It would certainly make people take
notice of how utterly ridiculous most arguments are and how working together
would be much more effective.

So, before you downgrade the life of a clown, maybe you should walk a mile in
my shoes. The offer is open to you any time!

Thanks for listening.


Christy McDonald
Goodwill Ambassador (and clown)
Ringling Brothers and Barnum& Bailey Circus Hometown Edition

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