My new book ( Free Prize Inside) officially publishes on Tuesday. For a variety of reasons, I’m willing to trade a bunch of cool stuff to people who buy a bunch of books right out of the starting gate.

Here’s the deal: If you buy X copies of the book (where X is a number you see below) at a retailer (online or offline, I don’t care) between today and May 12th, you get the prize listed below. While supplies last, of course!

No, I’m afraid that if you already bought books, they don’t count toward the total. You have to buy books starting now and ending then. No exceptions.

To collect your prize, all you need to do is email me a copy of your receipt, or fax me a copy if you buy it in a real store instead of online. Make sure your subject line includes the word in quotes after each prize so my filter will put it in the right place. My fax is 914 206 3586. Be sure your fax includes your email address! (email your entries to

The prize list below is not cumulative. Meaning that if you buy 100 books, you only get the 100 book prize or two 50 prizes, but not the 10, 20, 50 AND 100 prize. That makes sense, right?

Anyway, here you go:

If you buy enough copies between now and May 12th, you’re qualified for:

1 BOOK A free ebook that used to cost money and was a #1 bestseller. (this works on the honor system. Just visit ( Free Prize Inside) and there it is. No need to send me a receipt.

8 BOOKS A free audioconference. You can have as many people listening in on a speakerphone as you want. One line per prizewinner. The date? June 8th, 2 pm Eastern Time. It’ll last for 45 minutes and I’ll present my riffs on the new book and on Purple Cow. (subject line “audio graft”)

32 BOOKS One seat at a free seminar in my office outside of New York City. The date? June 14th. We start about 10 am and go to about 4. I promise you’ll have a great time. Even includes a free lunch. (subject line “session graft”). You can find all the details here: Seminars


41 BOOKS One of the long lost Purple Cow in a milk carton things. (subject line “skin graft”)


49 BOOKS A crystal engraved Purple Cow tzatchke desk ornament/hood ornament/holiday gift. These are actually pretty cool. See the photo if you don’t believe me. I only have 12 to give away, first come first served. (subject line “crystal graft”)

75 BOOKS A free (private) phone edgecrafting session (which I don’t often do, but in a moment of weakness, decided to try). You and your team get an hour with me on the phone, at a mutually agreeable time, to talk about your company, your site, your mission, whatever. (subject line “phone graft”)

Hey, if you buy 2,000 copies, I’ll even give you a ride in my Prius.

No refunds. Void where prohibited. Deadline for submitting receipts: May 20. Your mileage may vary.