What does your brand sound like?

Marketers are pretty visual people. We realize that consumers get their cues primarily from visual stimuli.

Except they don’t.

We all are driven primarily by the interpersonal and the interpersonal is frequently verbal.

How do they answer the phone at your office?

Just flew to Florida with JetBlue (I LOVE JetBlue) and I was reminded of this in a very busy terminal. JetBlue does everything right… and then, boom, they yell at you.

They yell at you on the PA system, and they do it with either panic or aggression. They are flustered, overworked, distraught and totally stressed out when they use the PA.

There’s no way in the world the brand wizards at JetBlue would let each employee design their own graphics. So why do so many employees get to yell at me?

Why not have soothing background music and Bette Midler or Clint Eastwood doing a little tag? Why not have professionally pre-recorded announcements for 85% of the stuff they do?

How do they answer the phone at your office?