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It happened again

This time, to my wife.

A well-meaning friend sent an “urgent” note to all 452 people in his address book. And he put them all on the CC list of the note.

A few people were irked by the note. They hit Reply All. Now we’re up to more than a thousand worthless emails floating around the ether. The echo effect will last a few more days and then it’ll fade. But multiply 2,000 wasted emails times a million people and you see the magnitude of the problem.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone you know read ChangeThis :: How To Be a Boor ? I mean, you know this stuff and I know this stuff… it’s them that don’t know it. Maybe if we each sent 20 friends to read it… Hey, it’s free.

what happens when storage is free?

The police state meets the dying copyright dinosaur and superstition?

I know this is off topic, but it’s not, really. It’s about what happens when change and technology threaten to undo the way whole industries think (and what happens when those industries can make laws).

Read the amazing story and the fascinating comments: AKMA’s Random Thoughts: So Weirdly Wrong

John Battelle on upside down advertising

John riffs on Ross Mayfield’s idea: John Battelle’s Searchblog: Sell Side Advertising: A New Model?

The short version: Imagine online ads that carry money and rules with them. If you’re a blogger or web publisher or even someone sending out email, and you fit the rules for a given ad, you can publish it. Every time you do, you get paid.

The ads deplete the money in their account and then vanish. If the ads are working, the advertiser refills them. If publishers find that readers like them, they publish them more often.

It’s upside down because control is now flipped from advertiser to publisher/reader.

Let’s go one step further and imagine that every ad knows who sees it (because we like the non-anonymous net). Then, of course, advertisers can pay more when their ads are seen by “better” ranked viewers.

I don’t think this works in the short run, though.

Despite the success of adwords, almost all advertising is bought regardless of its effectiveness. The bulk of ads are bought by giant companies that don’t measure and are afraid to measure. (Afraid, because if they measured, they might fail, and if they fail, they fear they might get fired…) Adwords scares them because it’s so entrepreneurial. This goes past that times 1000.

On the other hand, I can’t imagine a better scenario for the future. The question is when…

Brand new ebooklet for free

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ChangeThis :: Do Less

Brand New Tom Peters, just published

ChangeThis :: This I Believe! – Tom’s 60 TIBs

Tom is the man. There are no substitutes.

Shape of things to come?

Chris Meadows talks about the free ipod sites, among others.That’s All I’ve Got to Say: Free iPods: Worth the Cost?

The idea is to gain trial and permission by enticing people to recruit friends to a service in exchange for a “free” $300 gift.

I don’t believe this is a template for everyone, but it’s one more reminder of how many things that we used to just guess about we can now measure, improve and bribe upon.

A rare plug

Readers know that it’s extremely unusual for me to plug a business. PR people have learned that the worst way to show up on my blog is to pitch me.

So, it’s with some excitement that I point you to eggplant active media workers collective | summer 2004. These are the guys who did all the technology behind ChangeThis.

On time
On a shoestring budget
With a smile.

I just want to commend them to anyone who needs great web tech and qualifies as a client. Nice work, Arthur!

Gnome Way!

Thanks to Andrew Rupert for the link:

Gnomads: Global Trekking Gnome

good news and bad

Check out: mediabistro.com: Freelance Marketplace

This brand new site changes everything (everything gets changed a lot, doesn’t it?)

It’s good news if you need writing or even writerly thinking. There’s no excuse for your manuals, books, magazines, reports, etc. to be less than stellar when people like this are there to help.

The bad news is, why are people this good looking for work? (answer? the best ones aren’t… but it never hurts to keep your name out there).

As the web matures, we’re seeing one marketplace after another get more efficient and simpler. I’m pining for the days when I used to spend weeks to find writers this good. This site would have saved me days and dollars.

The All Powerful Oz

Using technorati and other tools, it’s easier than ever for an organization to watch the blogosphere and to communicate directly with people that others listen to.

Is your organization investing that time? Check out this story:

MarketingStudies.net: The Marketing Diary: Perfect “Customer” Service and ChangeThis