A note to subscribers

I’ve been building my list of monthly announcement subscribers (which I refer to–in my head and in my software–as “Blogmonthly”) since 1998. At the beginning, it was single opt in, because at the time, that was the most aggressive kind.

Since then, Double Opt In (which means you not only sign up, but then confirm by email that it was really and truly you who signed up) has become the most rigorous standard. And a lot of legitimate opt in lists (like mine) are now being blocked as spam.


If you got a note today that asked you to confirm that you want to get BlogMonthly, that was real, and it was from me, and if you still want to get it, just click on the link. You can ignore all the fields that you see after that… it’s the default of the database and I’m just not clever enough to delete them.

If you want to subscribe, Seth Godin: Subscribe, have at it.