More on woot

Jason McCabe Calacanis reports on the relationship between and Engadget –
, a neat blog of cool, you guessed it, gadgets.

Obviously, the people who read engadget are big time nerds and high-tech fashion sneezers. The blog has permission to talk to people and authority when they recommend something. The big spike in Woot’s traffic happened in September when engadget moved from putting just “go check out woot” on their site to actually putting the product of the day on the engadget page. So, the blog is trusted, but not too much. People wanted to see if it was worth the click.

Jason reports that next Woot is going to give a five minute jump on the deal of the day. So, at 11:55 you can get a secret link from to woot, which actually will make a difference, he says, because some of their products sell out in the first couple of minutes.

Going first is a free prize. For sure.