Just ask Dave!

Dave Lennox is the guy whose voice answers the call handling center at Lennox. He also appears in their ads. “Hi! I’m Dave Lennox!”

Dave always talks in exclamation points.


I just discovered that Dave Lennox died more than fifty years ago. That he’s an actor. That there is no Dave Lennox.

Contact Us :: Lennox International Appropos to my previous post, the number you call to reach Lennox (only a couple clicks down on their site) starts with the eponymous Mr. Lennox answering your call. Very quickly, though, you discover that this isn’t really Lennox, it’s an outsourced call center that can only do one thing… tell you where your nearest dealer is.

So, first they lie about Dave, then they lie about contacting them.

I still don’t get it. Maybe one day I will.