The Selfish Marketer (part XIV)

If this wasn’t true, you wouldn’t believe it.

I needed to store a bunch of stuff as I move my office (the new office, no surprise, is months behind schedule). I went to one of the handy new storage companies (Public Storage), answered all their questions and got this response (click to make it bigger).


That’s right. They don’t service my area. Their solution? I should move, then try again.

“Honey, we need to move to Florida!”
“Because we can’t store our stuff here in New York.”

To be fair, I called the number they asked me to call. I spoke to Cheryl, who was very friendly. I read her the message. She said, “Oh no, we don’t serve your area.”

“Why,” I asked, “did they want me to call you then?”

And her answer, which is priceless, was, “So we could officially tell you.”