Abraham Lincoln and the new Travelocity

I need to fly to Colorado to go to a meeting in February. Do a Travelocity search on flights from EWR (Newark) to EGE (Eagle) and you’ll discover a bunch of tabs. The default tab is called “Travelocity” and my guess is that these are the flights they’re getting paid to promote. But it’s the default tab, so the results here are the only results you see.

A quick look at this tab shows that every single flight is a one-stop.

If you were clever enough to click on each and every tab, though, the fifth tab (American) would show you a non-stop.

I admit it. Travelocity fooled me. They fooled me because I used to trust them. I used to be able to assume that they’d just go ahead and show me the best flights. I was wrong.

Lincoln was right. You can’t fool all the people all the time. How much profit makes it worth Travelocity using up their single biggest asset–permission to talk to me about air flights?

Just because other people are trying to fool your customers doesn’t mean its okay.