My new google idea

How come they never have sales online?

Today, as most consumer-obsessed Americans know (hey, movie grosses are now considered big news) is the big shopping day. People line up at 5 am to shop at Walmart. There’s excitement in offline, real world retail. Better buy it now before the sale ends.

Online, though, it’s quiet and static.

So, as I was reading Google News I thought about froogle.

Froogle is google’s shopping engine.

Here’s my idea:


A place you can go to and see news about sales and bargains and closeouts and new stores. Probably would need a human editor, which isn’t very google-like, but hey.

[addendum: thanks to all who wrote about sites like fatwallet and techbuys. I’m aware of those, but this is different because of the tone of voice of the site… but yes, it’s not my most original idea!]