Blog disclosure

I wonder if the blogworld benefits if bloggers are crystal clear about their goals and influences?

For example, a statement like this:

This blog doesn’t accept ads or sponsorships. I don’t own stock or accept royalties from any company or product mentioned on this blog or in my books. I don’t serve on any boards. On occasion, I’m delighted to accept samples of stuff with very small (under $20 or so) value, just to be nice. I have to tell you, though, that there’s no correlation between mentioning stuff and whether or not someone sent it to me. I would change that policy immediately if Lotus sent over an Elise. I also go out of my way not to write about things if someone sends me a press release.

My goal in creating this blog is to spread my ideas and keep me from having to write a book about every single thing that pops into my head. I’m an amateur, not a professional.

If any of this changes, I promise to let you know.