Stuff I don’t get

There’s weird stuff on the Net. Always has been. Most of it is weird because a lot of people are a card or two short of a full deck.

Lately, though, the Net has become monetized. The more you pay, the more attention you get. So explain to me this link: World-Check. I came to this site through a google adword link–someone paid money to get me to click on the link.

It takes me to a mostly black page with a prominent ENTER button. And the ENTER button won’t let me into the site without my password. Tantalizing? Maybe a little… But it sure seems like a waste of money.

And what about this?
“besiege aeneid bates aleph bicep armature append cardioid bang abacus bellicose american acquiescent”

That’s a quote from a piece of spam I got. Spam isn’t as expensive as adwords, but it’s not free, either. I assume this list of words is here to get past a spam filter (it didn’t work). But what if it DOES get past the filter? What do they hope someone who reads this endless string of words is going to do exactly?

All too often, we fall in love with the tactics and forget about the strategy that led us to spend money in the first place.