The Selfless Spammer!

Dean Wilson writes in in response to my post just below.

“Just a quick comment on your post regarding the insane text that is
often used in SPAM emails, the short version is that it’s intended to
‘poison’ smart (Bayesian based) filtering software to both make the
user trust it less and to confuse it. The aim is that the person
either grows to distrust the software and turns it off or that the
software becomes ‘confused’ by the non-sensical emails and starts
letting more actual spam through.

The full details are all available in very comprehensive (and pretty
dry / dull) papers on the ‘Net but most people just don’t care that
much about them šŸ™‚

Hope this helps.

Dean (Occasional Mail Server Administrator”

So, in essence, spammers are ruining their own response rates in order to increase the response rates of the entire industry.

Where’s Richard Dawkins when you need him!