Wow. Thanks for buying all those books!

CEO READ just posted their top selling books for 2004.

Link: What Corporate America is Reading — Best of 2004.

1. "Free Prize Inside," by Seth Godin.
2. "Trading Up," by Michael Silverstein, Neil Fiske.
3. "Purple Cow," by Seth Godin.
4. "The Power of We: Succeeding Through Partnerships," by Jonathan Tisch.
5. "Guts!: Companies that Blow the Doors off Business-as-Usual," by Jackie Freiberg, Kevin Freiberg.
6. "Leadership Presence," by Belle Linda Halpern, Kathy Lubar.
7. "Creating Customer Evangelists," by Ben McConnell & Jackie Huba. 8. "Leadership from the Inside Out," by Kevin Cashman.
9. "Becoming a Category of One," by Joe Calloway.
10. "Six Fundamentals of Success," by Stuart Levine.
11. "Love Is the Killer App," by Tim Sanders.
12. "Good to Great," by Jim Collins.

PS my new book is out in May. More on this soon. Thanks again.