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Hearty, charbroiled, grilled au gratin

The National Restaurant Association has you pegged. Or at least pegged into one of four categories. It turns out that people who go to restaurants have one of four worldviews, divided equally among “Adventurous, Health-Conscious, Carefree and Tradtional”. And each group wants to hear a different story.

One group looks at strawberry baked alaska and wants to hear more because they’ve never had it before. The next person at the table would never ever consider ordering it for exactly the same reason.

Unscientific research published by the group goes as far as talking about which words work best with each group. Today’s quiz: match the four words below to the group that’ll go for it:


That one was easy (they were flipped, first to last).

Let’s try one that’s a little subtle:


Still not so hard (they were in the order of the groups). What’s salient here is that the very same dish could have been described with any of these four words.