Milton Glaser threw me out

Ten or fifteen years ago, I took Milton Glaser’s class at the School for Visual Arts in New York. It was a portfolio class, which means you had to have talent to get in.

I didn’t. (have talent). I persisted, and we agreed that I could take the class with all these fancypants designers on probation. My point to him was that I was going to commission and use a lot of design in my career, and I’d be a good part of the mix. The deal was that I’d sit in for three classes and then he could decide if I added value or not.

The first class I was too scared to participate, but I learned a lot.

The second class, I participated and added some good thoughts.

The third class, I disagreed twice with points he made. It may be that I was the first person in a while who had disagreed with him twice.

He threw me out.

It turns out that:
a. I was right about what I disagreed with him on.
b. I should have figured out how to stay in the class.
c. I ended up buying and doing a lot of design. Go figure.

Anyway, Milton’s been thinking a lot of the thoughts I’ve been sharing on this blog. Worth a read, click below:

Link: Publications.


thanks to Billy Sobdzyk for the ping.