Randall on a trillion commercials

The very very perceptive Randall Rothenberg writes in Ad Age today about computer-assisted ad creation and serving software that lets marketers show a different commercial (eventually) at every house if they choose.

It’s behind the annoying adage.com registration page, but here’s the link and an quote:


Visible World is a marketing-services company headquartered in a dreary Manhattan stretch near the banks of the Hudson. Led by a couple of renegades out of BBDO and a tech whiz who helped create Prodigy, one of the first online services, it is showing the way toward customized TV spots, using the video version of Internet Protocol, addressable cable.

Assembling custom TV spots
To a client base that already includes Ford Motor Co., 1-800-Flowers and others, Visible World is offering a technology that allows marketers to automatically assemble TV spots from components stored on a remote server and customize them to a ZIP code, even a few hundred households linked by the cable operator�s head end.