Think about parsley

Parsley_2I had breakfast with my friend Jerry today. We ate at Naples 45 in New York. I ordered the $12 omelette.

This is what I got: (I know I asked for no potatoes, and it’s true that the muffin didn’t come with a bite already in it.)

Who eats the garnish? No one does. What a waste, right? But once it’s gone, you notice. You notice that there wasn’t a sprig of parsley or even a strawberry on the plate. It’s a vivid reminder that you were just ripped off.

All of us sell parsley. Sometimes, in the race to cut costs and increase speed and figure out how to fight off Wal-Mart, it’s easy to decide to leave off the parsley. No focus group ever asked for parsley!

Right next door to Naples 45, the little cafe serves breakfast with a smile. And garnish. That’s my stop next time.