Watching the blogosphere

There are 5 million, ten million, a billion blogs.

What are they saying about issues you care about?

What are they saying about you?

Here’s a simple two step way to find out and keep finding out.

Step 1: Visit: Technorati: What’s happening on the Web right now.

At the top, type in your name or your brand or your issue, probably in quotes.

After you do a search, choose to make it a Watchlist.

Technorati asks you to register (it’s free), and then gives you an RSS feed.

Copy that and go over to: Bloglines | My Feeds.

If you’re not a member, you should join.

Now, add the thing you just copied out of technorati and boom, it’s being watched for you.

Every time you go back to bloglines, you can see the latest news about your issues and your brands (and your name), from millions of other sites. For free.

Hey, who invented this Internet thing, anyway?

PS, while you’re over at Bloglines, paste this in:

It will give you an automatic update of this blog.

You can also get my Liar’s Blog automatically updated by pasting this in: