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What happens next?

After everyone is safely in the ambulance, the accident scene people (and the lawyers) show up. They bring cameras and tape measures and little devices that measure tread wear and stuff. All so they can prove what happened.

Of course, if three people see an accident, there are at least three descriptions of what really happened. It doesn’t really matter what you can prove. What matters is the story I tell myself.

Smart lawyers win cases where the facts don’t back them up. That’s because smart lawyers know how to tell a story that people will want to believe. It’s a story that makes a juror feel competent and ethical and satisfied. It’s a story that has very little to do with the facts and a lot to do with the lies we insist on.

i think most marketers spend way too much time worrying about their version of the truth and not enough time be authentic and telling stories about what they’re up to.