What happens next?

I think there are two blog/RSS frontiers worth considering… whether you manage a project, a church or a brand.

The first is the idea of the micro-blog. Ed Brenegar got asked to help a small group understand word of mouth and turned it into a blog: University of Word Of Mouth. Now, as he gets new groups to work with, he can repurpose the blog. I did the same thing when I produced a musical for an elementary school last year. I made a blog for the parents to use to keep up with the news about the play, with the schedule, with photos of each rehearsal.

Blogging doesn’t have to mean "talking to anonymous strangers."

The second is what BaseCamp is doing (Link: Project management and task management software: Basecamp.) This is project management software that uses RSS to alert the people who need to be alerted whenever something is up… and they can ignore it the rest of the time.

RSS is like email, except there’s no spam, the loop is closed, the media that’s available is far wider and, best of all, the recipient can configure a host of readers to present the info in the way they want. Thinking like this led to podcasting, and it’s going to lead us in a bunch of new directions now.