Are your people like your customers?

Pope13gA few fascinating facts about the Catholic church and the College of Cardinals (who pick the next pope).

1. one third of all the world’s Cardinals are over 80 years old.*
2. 17% of the Cardinals are from Italy, but only 5% of the world’s Catholics are.
3. 18% of the Cardinals are from Latin America, while 43% of the Catholics are.

Most organizations want to grow. Virtually all religions do. What happens, though, when your worldview and biases are so different from the places you’re hoping to grow?

(*Two updates here since I posted this yesterday. First, since about 1970, the oldest Cardinals–over 80–don’t vote on the Pope. Second, just to be clear, I’m trying to use the Church as an example for every organization in the world… I actually have no desire to give the Vatican marketing advice! It’s worth noting, though, that in the last hundred years or so, they’ve made enormous changes. For example, in the 1800s, the percentage of Italian Cardinals was three times higher than it is today.)