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Lying to consumers is great fun to talk about, but it’s far more challenging and more effective to lie to fellow business people.

This is the headquarters for the CAA, one of the heavyweights in Hollywood. (They represent folks like Pierce Brosnan–yes, him again–and dozens of other big names).

The last time I visited their headquarters, I was stunned by the 57 foot tall atrium lobby, and most especially by the invisible doorman–someone standing across the room with a remote control to let the good folks in and keep the riffraff out.

I mean, just for a second, let’s remember what these guys do. They charge millions of dollars to make phone calls, negotiate contracts and have lunch. They could just as easily do their jobs in some trailer park.

If you don’t think tone of voice and storytelling matters when selling to business, take a second to check out their entire website (it won’t take long): CreativeArtistsAgency.