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Quite an LED

 The Brookstone catalog describes the new Panasonic nose cleaner this way:

“Panasonic’s trimmer uses bright white LED light to precisely cut unwanted nose and ear hair.”

For all the people who have been holding back on hair trimming because they didn’t want to deal with blades, this, apparently, is the nose hair trimmer for you.

Of course, LEDs can’t cut hair. What the LEDs do, we find out after the headline, is “illuminates grooming area.” So this is just like the ordinary $19 trimmers, except for $50, you get to see the hair in your ears better.

What’s the point of a gratuitous lie like this? There’s no way it’s going to make the product experience better. It’s even a silly way to trick people. Are there that many people who have a worldview of gadget-lust that they’ll grab ahold of this? Even to a neophyte, an LED cutting your hair smells sort of fishy.