So, go ahead and make the hole square!

File this under, "They just don’t get it".

My contact info is pretty easy to find on my site, and as a result I’m getting more and more stuff from PR people. Notice that I’m being really generous and calling it "stuff" instead of "worthless, annoying, time-consuming spam."

The PR folks are used to having to shovel loads and loads of outbound stuff in order to get one or two things picked up. That’s the way it works in traditional media.

But tell me, please, which blogger out of the 10,000,000 is going to run a story with this headline (I’m not making this up):


                     THE VENDARE GROUP CHANGES NAME TO VENDARE MEDIA                  

WOW! Now there’s something that’s interesting and relevant to the people who have a choice about what to read. If your press release is a square peg and all the blogs out there are round holes, that doesn’t mean you should flog it anyway.

Many in the flak community are trying to turn blogs into just another media outlet. They’re not. Instead, they are a terrific home for the remarkable. Make stuff worth talking about first. Then talk about it.