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Who’s your roommate?

 The brilliant John McWade completely understands my new book, and he hasn’t read it yet. In the editor’s column of the new issue of Before And After (print only, but check out freebies at (link: Before & After, the magazine for graphic design) he writes,

“Think of it this way. If I ask to see a picture of your dormmate, what are you going to show me? Not a snapshot of Condoleezza Rice. Not a Picasso. Not some visual concept of yours. What you’ll show me is a real photo, what she actually looks like.

If she’s dressed for a date, she’ll be more presentable than if she just yawned her way out of a sleeping bag, but it’s still her.”

I’d add, “no, of course, it’s not her. It’s a picture of her. And no picture can ever, ever tell the truth.”