Are you checking on yourself?

My new book (Seth Godin – Liar’s Blog) ships this week, and I can’t help it, I’m nervous about whether people will get the ideas I’ve stuffed inside of it. I’m also nervous about whether those ideas will spread, but that’s a whole different type of nervous.

If I go to Technorati and search  (Technorati: Search for all marketers are liars) I find more than 200 different published opinions about the book. instantly. For free. This is before the book even ships!

Are you doing this for your products? Your issues?

No, the blogosphere isn’t always right (it’s only right when it agrees with you, of course). But there’s so much feedback, and much of it is in great detail. Technorati announced today that they just added blog #10,000,000 to the pile. You can filter out the junk and you’ll still be left with relevant insights that you can take action on.

A friend who is a senior Bizdev person at one of the big TV networks was delighted when I told her about the ability to to turn the megaphone backwards. Worth a look.