Fundable… a next big thing?

Anders Abrahamsson points us to Fundable, a new open source venture. Welcome to Fundable — Fundable.

I post it because
a. the site is beautiful and clear and is a great example of the sort of Knock Knock website we need more of.
b. more important, I think it represents a neat opportunity for marketers of content.

Example: Rickie Lee Jones says, "If 5,000 people agree to buy a new live album from me $10 a copy as an MP3, I’ll go ahead and make it." She then promotes the sale and points people to Fundable.

If she doesn’t get 5,000, everyone gets a refund, automatically. If she does, she sends out the album and something good has happened.

What’s neat about this is that it creates a fundamentally different sort of buying mechanism. That hasn’t happened in a long, long time.

I actually don’t think that this is going to be a truly next big thing… it’s too much work to do the promotion and to make something worth buying. (Imagine chartering a big jet to Las Vegas for a convention…) But it’s a cool idea.