How cool is this

Michael Duffy rates 2,767 winery web sites on effectiveness. He then sells a customized report to any winery that cares to pay for it.  Home Page – The Winery Web Site Report.

This is the new sort of non-fiction publishing model that is going to demolish the old one (at least from an economic point of view). At $500 a copy, the report is almost certainly worth the money. And at $500 a copy, a customized overview is also quite profitable for the author. And finally, at $500, it’s an effective calling card that builds his business among a (very small but important to him) target market.

In an earlier time, you’d publish a book on the topic, wait a year for it to come out, reach 10% of the possible audience and lose money in the process. I love the idea that a big part of the report is customized. Not hard to do, worth a lot more.

PS I wonder if someone is doing wine labels, not just wine sites. Wine labels are as important as book covers.