More downgrading

A few weeks ago, I talked about the gradual descent of music from live to a mere memory of that: Seth’s Blog: REAL–Compared to what? The Pale Imitation.

I thought about that when I was yelling on the cell phone today, because the connection was far worse than the way the phone in my house sounded in 1971.

And the typesetting on my blog doesn’t compare to that in my books.

And my digital pictures in iphoto, though there are a lot of them, really don’t look as sharp as these snapshots from my high school graduation (and I had more hair).

It’s not just traditional media, either. An email doesn’t communicate as much information as a meeting, and a voice mail is really hard to file. A Powerbar may have plenty of vitamins and stuff, but it’s just not as good as a real meal, is it?

Which leaves a big opportunity. The opportunity to provide sensory richness. To deliver experiences that don’t pale in comparison to the old stuff. It’s not just baby boomer nostalgia (though that helps)–it’s a human desire for texture.