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“One Lucky Store!”

What, do they think we’re idiots?

Oh, that’s right. We are.

From Convenience Store News, from Darren:

Same Store Sells Winning Lotto Ticket for Third Time

ST. LOUIS — A south St. Louis QuikTrip store is proving lucky for Missouri Lotto players.

For the third time, the store at 8205 Gravois has sold a winning Lotto jackpot ticket, the Missouri Lottery said Monday. The most recent winning ticket sold for the April 9 Lotto drawing matched winning numbers 13, 14, 15, 17, 39 and 42, and is worth $1.3 million.

“This is one lucky location,” said Gary Gonder, spokesman for the Missouri Lottery.

Same Store Sells Winning Lotto Ticket for Third Time.

Of course, in order to believe this lie, you’ve got to have a worldview that says that there’s some sort of skill or some sort of actual, real luck involved in winning the lottery. If you’ve got this worldview, then the story is perfect. Get in line, buddy.

Next thing you know, Gary Gonder will start telling us that people with certain Zodiac signs are likely to do better at video poker machines.