Seth’s New eBook is ready

KnockMy new ebook is ready.

It’s called KNOCK KNOCK, Seth Godin’s Incomplete Guide to Building a Web Site That Works. It costs $9 and you can buy a copy by clicking this handy button:


Yes, it costs $9, or you can get it for free. Actually, you can get it for free two ways.

You can get it for free by purchasing two copies of my new book from 800 CEO READ. If you call them (I’ll give you one guess what their phone number is) or order it online, they’ll send you a secret URL where you can get the 41 page ebook at no charge. Get the book here: – All Marketers Are Liars. Alas, this offer doesn't apply if you bought the book somewhere else or because of any other technicality you can dream up. If you want the ebook for free, then you need to buy two copies of LIARS starting now… they'll send you the secret link.

You an also get it for free if you wait until September, when I post it on my site. But that’s a very long time to wait, isn’t it?

So, to review the bidding:

Get the book for free by buying two copies of LIARS: – All Marketers Are Liars