The one and only

If your organization the only?

The only all-rock radio station in Hempstead?
The only organic bakery in Toledo?
The only church that offers its believers true salvation?
The only magazine that brings readers a particular type of story?
The only consultant that can teach people how to increase a certain type of productivity?

A few years ago, the walls of only started to crumble. I can buy organic bread online, or frozen, or pick some up at the Whole Foods Market. I can tune into music ten different ways. I can learn everything I want to learn without ever subscribing to a magazine ever again…

Only is very comforting. Only eliminates competition, provides price insulation and improves the status of my ego. Only, alas, is in short supply these days.

The challenge of being remarkable is being fast enough and brave enough to embrace the new, not just to rely on being the only.