What will be on your tombstone

So, every single article about podcasting mentions Adam Curry (which makes sense, since it was his idea). And every article ever written about Adam Curry mentions that he was once an MTV VJ. For no good reason. (We’re talking almost 100,000 google matches).

AND, every single article about Google (until recently) included the phrase, "And employees eat lunch in a cafeteria where the food is prepared by a former chef for the Grateful Dead." For no good reason. (We’re talking 25,600 matches).

Breaking news: SiliconBeat: Google’s famed chef leaving. Thanks John Battelle for the link…

What’s they have in common is pretty obvious: oxymorons. It’s a safe piece of trivia that no one expects but then it’s pretty easy to remember. Oxymorons make it easy to tell stories. Do you have one?