Picky Cats

I’m spending the weekend feeding the cat across the street while my neighbors go hither and yon. If you don’t already believe that  All marketers are liars take a look at this promo copy for Fancy Feast Cat Food:

Fancy Feast Gourmet cat food is finely ground and smooth, like paté
offering a taste and texture to please every cat’s discriminating
palate. Choose your cat’s favorite flavor from our 11 different
flavors, for complete and 100% balanced nutrition every day.

Did you know that cats had discriminating palates? When was the last time a house cat starved to death? Remember, these are animals that capture, torture and then eat small rats.

Do the cats know that there’s gravy in the chicken? Do the care about the pate-like texture?

It’s pretty obvious who expensive cat food is for, and it sure isn’t cats.

And baby food isn’t for babies, and life insurance doesn’t work until you’re dead and  ….