Before you spend a lot of time and money on a logo

Before you go in circles trying to get those spirals just right…

go take a look at Logo Design by Pixellogo� – All Logo Designs.

I’m not proposing that you should spend $50 or whatever to buy a stock logo.

What I hope you’ll see is that all a logo needs is to be GOOD ENOUGH (I know, I’m the guy who says good enough is a curse). Why is it okay to have a non-wonderful logo? Because the logo is just a placeholder. It gains value AFTER it hits the world, because people associate things with it.

Imagine a classroom in 1912 with kids named Elvis, Ronald, Margaret, Donald and  Madonna in it. You wouldn’t know who to make fun of first. It seems as though the abstract quality of a name or a logo (both blank slates) is not as important as what you do with it.

This advice doesn’t hold for non-abstract names or images, naturally. But those are worth less, in my humble opinion.

All that said, the logo for my secret summer project is truly awesome. Thanks, Aaron, for the inspired work. (I’ll post the logo in early August, prolonging the tension as long as possible.)