But it’s not that hard!

Mark Hurst sent me over to: tangentialism: Shake Shack, Beyond The Call Of Duty.

This is the inspiring story of how one restauranteur (in a notoriously difficult business) has figured out how to:
1. offer purple cow service
2. by people who like what they’re doing

As in my Starbucks story below, these hardworking, zen-infused line cooks are actually enjoying their jobs more than the folks whining across the street.

It’s about management. It’s about managers who don’t blame employees, but who empower them and push them instead. And yes, that’s marketing.

The good news is that while it’s almost impossible to blow people away with an ad campaign or a coupon or even a product, the bar is set so astonishingly low for managers that it’s pretty easy to blow people away by enabling your staff to be amazing, honest and happy at the same time.

Even if you run a law firm. Or a church. Or, heaven forfend, a political party.