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Just saying it doesn’t make it true

For some reason, it seems like I pick on Red Lobster. It’s not a personal thing, it just happens.

Gordie Meyer sent this over (from Restaurant News):

 Red Lobster Says It’s From Maine

 ORLANDO, FL — Nearly four decades after it was launched in Florida, Red Lobster has decided it hails from the state of Maine–despite there not being a single unit in the Pine Tree State.

 “We’ve given consumers a lot of clues over the years we’re from Maine,” president Kim Lopdrup told a group of analysts. “If you look at our menu, it’s the only state identified on the menu. That is where consumers are convinced we’re from.

 “We’re from Maine,” Lopdrup stressed.

 That may come as a surprise to Maine residents, who have to venture well out of state just to enjoy a meal at Red Lobster; the nearest unit is in Wethersfield, CT–some 137 miles away.

 Maine restaurateurs weren’t buying it either. “They were from Maine and they pulled out,” said Scott Belanger, manager of the Sea Basket Restaurant in Wiscasset, ME. “Why aren’t they here serving the great people of Maine?”

 “If the company would like to claim their roots, like ours, are on the shores of New England,” added Susan Paquete of the Weathervane Seafood Restaurants chain, “then perhaps they should try living with and serving the fine people of Maine.”