BuzzMachine, disrobed

The rest of the story… BuzzMachine does have the Pam Anderson ad, and no, it’s not explicit the way you might think (get your mind out of the gutter.) It links to KFC Cruelty >> Celebrity Endorsements >> Pamela Anderson. I knew that before I posted the ad below, but you probably didn’t.

It’s a good ad in the sense that it shocks, interrupts your flow, causes brand disconnect ("why is that ad here?") and might even cause you to click. The question is… how is this good for the blogger? if it happened every day, how is it good for the surfer? Is it worth the $x per click?

I’m certainly not picking on my friend Jeff… I was trying to make a point about the future of how we pay for all this hard work. I’m not sure that the old model (as below) is more likely/better than the new overture/google/permisison model.