$5,000.00 Bounty if you find us a chief engineer

That’s US funds, no green stamps or frequent flyer miles.

Before I post this to the usual job boards, I wanted to give my trusted readers a chance to chime in and to earn some money (I’m also happy to donate the fee to wherever you choose… Joi Ito, my last successful referrer, did that.) One bounty per hire, paid six months after a successful hire. If there’s no referrer, bounty goes to the Red Cross.

This job is for my new project, which I hope we’ll be ready to talk about in four weeks or so. Please only send over the very best people you know… we’re pretty picky.

Thanks in advance for thinking about who you might know. Feel free to pass this along, post it, etc.

Chief Engineer

Rapidly growing Web 2.0 startup needs a chief engineer to understand, extend, streamline and tweak our PHP/CSS/Ajax based system. Someone who is totally up to speed on MySQL, XML and Web Services (like Amazon and Google). Not ready to get up to speed, but already there. We’re also looking for a person (the same person!) who gets along well with both non-engineers and Linux boxes, who can integrate the work of freelance programmers and also code what needs to be coded.

Our Chief Engineer will work closely with our head of IT, who worries about server loads and long-term planning. The person we hire needs to have a strong voice when it comes to technical issues, but, at the same time, be able to seamlessly integrate with a non-technical organization. The kind of person who would be happy working at Craig’s List or Six Apart or Basecamp. We have a killer espresso machine, health benefits and a lot of momentum. Did I mention our office is less than twenty steps from the Hudson River, sixty steps from Metro North and is next door to a brand-new health club and a kayaking marina? If you’re the sort of person who gets frustrated when Scotty can’t get the dilithium crystals to put out just a little bit more energy, this might be the place for you.

You must speak perfect English and be delighted to work in our offices (a forty-minute train ride from Grand Central Station in New York). Alas, no telecommuters. We’re seeking sterling references and significant tech chops, but it’s okay if you’ve never run an entire tech operation before. We’re building a place to grow and we’d love to talk to you about joining us.

This is the biggest thing I’ve ever worked on, and it’s working. If you’re not looking for a job, this may just be the job for you.

Send your resume, a short note and the name of the person who referred you (if any) to seth@sethgodin.com