What about Ringo?

Robert Prisament points us to big news about Kiss: Kiss News on Yahoo! Music.

The guys in make up are about to hire other guys in make up to go out and sing in concert.

As the babyboomers age, what happens to personal brands? L. Ron Hubbard is gone, but Dianetics lives on. Mark Levinson is still around, but it’s not him behind those amplifiers that cost $10,000. Is there something inauthentic about buying Martha Stewart fabric that Martha didn’t make, or listening to a Kiss concert with someone else singing? Or for that matter, lip synching?

Is it okay for a blog post to be written by someone other than the blogger? Daily Kos is now written by a team, not a person…

First we got smaller, with lots of tiny, personal brands. Then, as those brands succeed, the temptation is to scale them.

And, yes, the Beatles were never the same after Pete Best left.