Lost Boots and the whole hog

"…maybe it was going to be my responsibility to keep upping the ante. I was in an automobile accident in 1960 with three other guys…All I know is that I was sitting in the car… and the next thing, I was in a field, far enough away from the car that I couldn’t see it. The car was crumpled like a cigarette pack… and inside it were my shoes. I’d been thrown completely out of my shoes and through the windshield.

"…I had the feeling that my life had been spared to do something… not to take any bullshit, to either go whole hog or not at all. Before that, I had been living at less than capacity. That event was the slingshot for the rest of my life. It was my second chance, and I got serious."

Jerry Garcia
(as quoted in Playing in the Band. Found the quote in the new Dead lyrics book.)