Blog issues

I can imagine how frustrating it is when the phone rings at the Cleveland Plain Dealer and an irate customer is yelling about a missed newspaper delivery.

I mean, you write it, you edit, you put in the pictures, you print it and then you hand the paper off to a 13 year old kid who throws it into the bushes…

So, for those of you frustrated by the missing pictures, missing posts, RSS glitches and other blog noise going on, I promise you (if it makes you feel better) that I’m just as more frustrated.

Hopefully, as the winter solstice passes, the fidelity of blog delivery will increase.

The amazing thing, which a few friends and I were talking about last night, is that all this stuff works at all! Imagine how many free (or close to free) tools we depend on every day. Stuff that was not just impossible but not even conceived of 15 years ago.

This is the fastest idea-to-tool cycle in the history of the planet. Glitches are part of the deal.