Posture matters

Ramit Sethi points us to Scott Andrew – lo-fi acoustic pop superhero! > blog > archives > 2005 > 11 > overexposed.

Anyway, it kind of hammers home the lessons I’ve been learning for the past two years, namely that most of the time, exposure is just exposure. It’s one thing to get in front of someone; it’s another thing to keep them interested, and another thing to get them to care. It also gives you an idea of the numbers game the Big Labels have to play in order to make the bucks they need to stay in business.

People go to Amazon to buy stuff. They go to MySpace for free stuff and to explore. It’s not just what you say, it’s where you say it.

The post has some amazing stats about how exposure all by itself isn’t enough.

And I think it’s an essential lesson in the value of permission… done right… over time. Not all at once.