The new whiteboard seminar (you’re invited)

It’s back. UPDATE: Seminar is SOLD OUT. Hope to do another one, but not sure when.

By popular demand, the day-long Seth Godin Whiteboard Seminar is going uptown.

Last year, I ran only four seminars (each sold out), so if you’ve been waiting, here’s your chance. No promises about when it might be offered again.

On Thursday, January 26, you’re invited to attend an all-day seminar with me in New York. It will be held in the beautiful Harold Pratt House located at 58 East 68th Street, New York, NY 10021. As you can see from the picture, this majestic brownstone is totally upscale. Most days, it’s the headquarters for one of the most prestigious thinktanks in the world.

Brand managers, CEOs, entrepreneurs… Actually, anyone who’s working to spread a big idea about a product, a service, an organization, a rock group or an open-source piece of software. Anyone with a website. And especially for people frustrated with the status quo.

The seminar is about the way you market, it’s about managing people in times of change, and most important, helping great ideas spread.

In the past, senior managers from Fortune 100 companies have sat next to solo entrepreneurs and even ministers. Non-profits in a hurry to grow have benefitted, and so have long-time marketers from traditional industries. The man running one of the world’s most successful book publishing companies has participated, as did the deputy campaign manager for a nationwide presidential campaign.


Some of the people who have written me the nicest letters afterwards have been CEOs of very tiny businesses. I’ve also been privileged to watch huge companies embrace some of these ideas and run with them. One thing is certain: it will change the questions your colleagues ask, which is the point.

Bring your boss. That’s the big win.

The morning is devoted to a blazingly fast, high-impact overview of several of my books. The purpose is to give you the ammunition to sell these ideas to to the people you work with.

The afternoon is nothing but riffs about your organization and your problems. By taking them one by one and talking them through, you not only get direct feedback on your issues, but you quickly see how there are only a handful of answers to just about all that ails everyone’s marketing challenges. In other words, once you hear other people work through their issues, it’s a lot easier to handle yours.

It’s interactive, but it’s very much my show. I talk a lot, push you a lot and end up exhausted in a heap at the end of the day. The more you bring with you, the more you get back. The best seminars are filled with people with big issues, provocative solutions and a desire to speak up.

If you don’t think it’s worth what it costs, send me a letter when you get home and I’ll refund your money. Alas, no refunds for no-shows.

There are ten slots for non-profits. These are available by application (see this file
for details). It’s free to the ten accepted, but you pay in advance and I send you a refund if you show up.

A standard seat costs $1,650 for the day. Coffee, lunch and snacks are included. I promise you’ll get to ask your questions and talk about your organization.

If you buy three seats for your colleagues, the fourth is free. Buy six and get three free.
Feel free to round up friends and come as a group if you like.

It’s sort of by application, but applying early increases your chances I can find you a slot.

We don’t bill, you have to pay in advance. See this file for details.

Feel free to arrive as early as 8:45 am at the venue. The event begins at 9:15 sharp.

We work all day, right through lunch until 4:30 pm.

It’s in mid Manhattan, in the fanciest neighborhood in North America, so hotels and cabs and airlines should be easy to identify and book. You’re on your own.

If someone mentions your blog when they register, I’ll pay you $100. One blog per registration, of course, but no limit on bonuses per blog, naturally.

When the seminar is full, I’ll edit this post and tell you. Until then, feel free to submit your registration info.