If you have more than 100 pages of content…

I hope you’ll read this post.

For the few of you that haven’t been bludgeoned by my past support of RSS, here’s a quick two lines to bring you up to date:

1. anyone with an RSS reader, or MyYahoo or Bloglines or a Squidoo lens can read an RSS feed.
2. The RSS feed is a spam-free way to alert subscribers when something is new on your website.

You can sign up for my feed just down the column on the left side <—

This is great for a blog, obviously, because every time I post something, any subscriber with a reader knows about it and can check in and read it.

But what if you don’t have a blog?

What if you have a catalog?

Or thousands of pages of web content?

What if it’s Picasso’s birthday and you want to ping your subscribers and point them to both the Wikipedia entry on Picasso as well as the three pages on your art site that sell his posters?

Now you can! Only $200. FeedCraft – RSS feed creation, tracking, and management.

You type in the URL and the copy and boom, it’s done.

Stuff like this is really cool, imho.