Bits are free

It doesn’t cost anything more to deliver a thoughtful, powerful, profitable note. It just takes guts to write one.

Jonathan Cruce shares this (edited, a bit, by me):

He wrote this note to a company, via online form:

Product Model: 2461 Serial : Comments: I have a Gigaphone 2461. After my
1 year old son pressed some of the buttons on the handset and base, I
find that the phone is dialing in pulse mode.  The manual shows a
tone/pulse switch on the bottom of the base unit.  My base unit has no
tone/pulse switch.  How can I switch the phone back to tone dialing
mode??  Thanks!

Company’s response via email

Dear Jonathan,
Thank you for your recent inquiry to our Consumer Sales and Service
Keep the original email attached with our response in case further
assistance is needed.
The Tone/Pulse switch is located at the bottom of the base unit.
However, if there is no switch, you may try this short procedure on your
base unit:
1.) Press and hold the [SELECT] button.
2.) The display on the base unit will display TN (Tone) or PU (Pulse).
3.) If you see PU on the display, press and hold [SELECT] again.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
VTech Communications
Consumer Sales and Service Center

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But what, Jonathan wants to know, if the letter had said:

Dear Jonathan,

I really appreciate that you purchased a VTech phone, and I’m truly sorry
that you’re having this problem.  You indicated that there is no
tone/pulse switch on the bottom of your base unit as shown in the owner’s

You’re right! This isn’t the first time we’ve run into this issue; it appears
that when we updated the phone model we didn’t update the owner’s manual.

We try hard to catch these errors, but every once in a while one gets
through.  You can switch your base between pulse and tone mode by holding
down the "Select" button for a couple of seconds.  The display on the base
unit will read "TN" if you’re in tone dialing mode, and "PU" if you’re in
pulse dialing mode. Just press and hold "Select" again if you need to
change between modes.

Once again, I’m sorry that our owner’s manual was not updated to reflect
this change.  If there’s anything else I can do for you, just let me know!

Joan Smith, VTech Customer Service Guru

By the way Jonathan, I noticed that you’re using an older model 2.4 GHz
phone system.  If this is working for you, that’s great!  We expect these
phones to be around for a while.  But with more and more wireless devices
using the 2.4 GHz spectrum, you may begin experiencing interference on
your line.  Unfortunately we can’t do anything about that on a 2.4 GHz
system, but we have a sale coming up on the newer 5.8 GHz digital spread
spectrum phones, that will let you talk clearly up to 1/2 mile from your
house!  Go to to see what’s available.  Put in the code
JSVT234 and I’ll give you 20% off any phone we offer!

Same amount of time to send, same incremental cost. It’s easier to write if you you imagine that you are writing to a person, not a screen, I think.